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Grand Theft Auto Brings Open World Crime to Playstation – Today in Retro Gaming – June 30th, 1998

Did you know that Grand Theft Auto was initially planned to be a Commodore Amiga title?  While never having been released for that classic computer, it did go on and sell millions of copies on the original Playstation and successor consoles.  Grand Theft Auto was one of those titles that was blamed for a lot of society’s ills, much like Night Trap- except this game featured a ton of replay value. 

Played from a top down view Grand Theft Auto was a 2.5D action adventure that let you run loose to do whatever.  This meant you could follow the storyline that was setup for you or you could just go and steal cars, beat up passerby and hope the cops don’t catch you.  What really set Grand Theft Auto apart from the competition is that it was quite open as to how you accomplish missions.  You may have to go from one side of town to the other but you are free in choosing your route.

Something else that was revolutionary with Grand Theft Auto was the radio.  In the Playstation version you are limited to two stations per car.  The PC version had many more stations to enjoy.  The Playstation and PC version offer the player the chance to pop the game CD out and put in your own CD. The next time you took a vehicle the radio would randomly play a song from the inserted music CD.  Nice touch.  For the time, this was revolutionary- years before Xbox would offer custom soundtracks in games.

You could go around and cause mayhem in traffic, steal cars and generally earn tons of points being a menace to society.  Gamers went wild for Grand Theft Auto upon release.  With each successive release it seems more fans discover GTA than before.

What is your favorite GTA game in the series?

Carl Williams

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