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Street Fighter Alpha 3 Flawlessly Ends Trilogy of Arcade Games – Today in Retro Gaming – June 29th, 1998

It is not like Capcom to simply release a fighting game and not milk it somehow.  We saw this with Street Fighter II which has many updates, all of which were additional full purchases, on Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis. Maybe they realized fans were not going to go for that forever by the time they got around to releasing the “Alpha” series of games.  Street Fighter Alpha 3 is the final game in the Alpha series and it seems that Capcom went all out for it. 

While there were “updates” to the Street Fighter Alpha 3 base game, they were not released on the same platforms.  This is where Capcom got a bad rap with fans.  This final Alpha game hit many platforms, each with unique reasons to purchase it there too.

A proper ending to the trilogy of fighting games.

The Sony Playstation version featured Balrog, Juni and Juli as part of the immediate roster.  Dee Jay, Fei Long and T. Hawk also appear in this version.  Some collision elements were changed and various other little changes.

The Sega Dreamcast version features the stuff from the Playstation version but adds a new World Tour mode and an online mode that featured global leader boards.  Players could also play a variation of “Dramatic Battle” which first appeared in Street Fighter Alpha.

The Sega Saturn version used the 4 meg RAM cartridge that was only available in Japan (way to keep this one from coming stateside).  Again, the Playstation stuff is here, minus the PocketStation stuff.  Evil Ryu and Guile are on the main roster and Dramatic Battle is available for the complete roster of characters rather than a select few.  This version also featured more animation than the Sony Playstation port.

There is a Game Boy Advance version too.  This version is the worst off as it is missing a few stages, lots of music and other little details.  You do get Eagle, Maki and Yun from Capcom vs SNK 2 in this version but is that enough?

The Playstation Portable version is the one to get if you only have a hand held.  It features the GBA exclusive characters, near arcade perfect graphics and sound and in game storylines for all of the characters.  Dramatic Battle is also updated exclusive to this version.

Finally, we have the Street Fighter Alpha Anthology release which hit the Playstation 2.  This version does feature the arcade re-release of Alpha 3 in arcades but is missing a lot of the stuff found in other versions.

So, where have you played Street Fighter Alpha 3?  Myself, I prefer the Playstation Portable version.

Carl Williams

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One Response to “Street Fighter Alpha 3 Flawlessly Ends Trilogy of Arcade Games – Today in Retro Gaming – June 29th, 1998”

  1. Berto Yulianto says:

    My favortie thing about this game was the return of Cody. I prefer the Dreamcast version btw.

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