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Shadow Gangs Kickstarter Now Live, Steam Greenlight Campaign in Progress

It was just 10 days ago that I wrote up my first article on Shadow Gangs.  In that period of time the developers have launched a Kickstarter campaign.  They have also been working to get their new game on Steam via the “Greenlight” program.  There is just under one month left in the Kickstarter campaign so hurry and show support if you remember gaming in the 80’s fondly.

The Shadow Gangs have kidnapped Dan’s family.  You control Dan in his quest through a 2D side scrolling action game.  This gang is worldwide and quite evil.  They have been kidnapping people from all over the world and holding them for ransom.  Dan has taken up the challenge to not only save his family but others that have been kidnapped too.  What a nice guy.  It helps that Dan is a mixed martial arts world champion.  By switching to his ninja persona, Dan achieves new levels of inner control and moves to take down the bad guys.

I am not sure why, when Dan is well Dan, he throws Shurikens yet while he is in ninja form he uses an assault rifle (M16 according to the Kickstarter page).  Shouldn’t it be the other way around?  I mean, the “honor” of being a ninja is taking out foes without firearms by using your wits and such.  At least that is what I have thought all of these years.

The plan for the Kickstarter funds include more animation for the characters, particularly death animations.  Special effects such as gun flashes and hit effects.  More destructible objects and better/more sound effects.

The cool thing here is that there is a Sega Dreamcast version planned.  Shadow Gangs is also planned to hit Macintosh, Linux and Windows.  If you so desire, you will be able to build an arcade machine around Shadow Gangs, including unique boot mode.

Head to Kickstarter to back Shadow Gangs.  Head to Steam to vote it up on Greenlight.  Previous coverage on Retro Gaming Magazine is here.

Carl Williams

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