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Humiliation Nation Debuts at TooManyGames 2016 for Sega Genesis

Remember those television shows that were all about competition- Double Dare and the like?  Imagine a game that is in that vein of entertainment and you have a good idea what Humiliation Nation is all about.  Debuting at this year’s TooManyGames event and available for the Sega Genesis, this title is unique on premise if nothing else.  You are a contestant on a show like those from the 80’s.

Humiliation Nation puts you in control of four different contestants who must complete eight stages of 2D action platforming.  There are even canned laugh tracks when you screw up.  There are awesome prizes, if you win, and humiliation if you lose (get it, the name of the game is Humiliation Nation).

There are not a lot of new 2D side scrolling action platform titles coming out for the Sega Genesis.  That is weird to me in general.  For 20+ years there were thousands and thousands of programmers working on 68k based hardware- where have they all gone?  Did they load up and just “quit” one day?  Anyhow, it is cool to see many of the new games we are seeing come out.

Humiliation Nation may not be your cup of tea.  It looks interesting, it is different than what is out there.

The developer states that there are 12 frames of animation for each character and “most” of the bosses.  Over 8,000 tiles make up the levels of Humiliation Nation.  The game cartridge and all related media is 100% brand new parts- no donor carts, no salvaging.  There are also apparently four endings (one for each character?).  This is all stuck into a Universal Game Case with instruction manual.

Head over to and place your order ASAP- while copies are still available since this is an extremely limited release (about 40 copies are available).  Source: Berto Yulianto (friend of Retro Gaming Magazine) and forums

Carl Williams

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