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Racing Apex Revives Virtua Racing Look, Adds Twisted Metal

Anyone reading this that remembers Sega’s Virtua Racing fondly will absolutely love Racing Apex.  For everyone else, this new racing game has one more chance to reel you in.  It features car combat similar to that of Twisted Metal.  Got you yet?  I thought that would sway a few more.  Blocky polygons are back and they are pissed.

Racing Apex features 30 vehicles, eight drivers, arcade action, offensive and defensive weapons and online global leaderboards.  Yep.  This game takes the base idea of Virtua Racing and adds in just a pinch of Twisted Metal with weapons on the vehicles.  All of this action takes place on at least 16 tracks of twisting asphalt.

Plans are in place to include a ton of game modes:

Arcade- just race
Grand Prix– Race for upgrades and the #1 spot
Time Trial– You bake cookies here
Multiplayer– Race other people, local split screen or online
Capture the Flag– The flag is on a flatbed truck
Cat and Mouse– Kind of a demolition derby with escort mode turned on
Eliminator– Last place is a disgrace
Bomb Tag– Remember playing “hot potato”?

The cars will be upgradeable via “upgrade paths” such as Rally, Pro Race or Speed.  You can also tweak things along the way as you see fit.

I have to say, I am absolutely looking forward to Racing Apex.  It is a throwback to an early time with some modern stuff mixed in.  Judging by the pics and the video available it appears that fans of early polygonal gaming will be right at home here.

It is interesting to note that Racing Apex was on Kickstarter earlier this year.  The campaign was canceled prior to completion though.

Racing Apex by Lucky Mountain Games
Genre: Racing
Platform: Steam (Windows, Macintosh, Linux)
Available: Unknown at this time

Carl Williams

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