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Papi Commando Tennis Work in Progress for Sega Genesis

Okay, it is becoming quite clear that Papi Commando is going to be around awhile.  Vetea, the developer of the PC franchise, is keeping his little geriatric character moving forward.  First, we saw him in a Commando style action game (hence the name).  Since then he went onto star in another action game and now this Papi Commando Tennis title.

Papi Commando’s second game, Bomb on Basic City, was an action game of sorts.  You controlled Papi who was flying an airplane and dropping bombs on his former home.  Why?  Because it was invaded by evil forces- think “I can’t have it, no one can have it” mentality.

Now, we have Papi Commando Tennis in development.  What is here right now is rather bland but it shows a TON of effort.  While it is currently miles away from Mario Tennis, it is interesting to note that Vatea is expanding his franchise releases.  Rather than just coming out with another Papi Commando game, we have seen one new to the franchise release and when Papi Commando Tennis releases we can add a second.

Take note Sega, Namco, and many others that have these super rich game worlds that get absolutely nothing done with them outside the norm.  Sure, Sega tried mixing Sonic into other genres on the Sega Genesis and once on Sega Saturn but what have they done since then?  Kept him locked in action adventure games.  I guess you could argue Nintendo is doing the same thing with Mario but at least they are keeping tennis and kart racing alive there.

That brings me to my next point with Papi Commando.  How long before we see Papi Commando Kart Racing?  I am kind of intrigued to see where the next place we see this little senior citizen pop up in gaming.

Head over to AtariAge to grab your copy of the work in progress Papi Commando Tennis.

Carl Williams

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