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Pac Man 256 Hits Steam, Playstation 4 and Xbox One

Okay PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One gamers, you can now grab Pac Man 256 and enjoy it just like mobile gamers have.  That is right, the endless runner that actually makes sense is now available on more platforms.  This is the mobile game but bigger and better (especially if you had a smaller screen device).

The ghosts are all here – Sue, Funky, Spunky and the originals.  There are 20 power ups to collect, build up using your coins and unleash on the ghosts that want to stop you.  Just for kicks, there are 10 themes to choose from (they had to get around the In App Purchases somehow).

What is cool about this port to PC and consoles is that you can play multiplayer.  There is a four player, local, co-op mode available in this version.  That is rather interesting as it is four players controlling a Pac Man of their own, at once, in the same maze.

Pac-Man 256 is not a new game to me, I reviewed it awhile back here on Retro Gaming Magazine.  The Android version (the version I reviewed) was fun and challenging and well put together.  This is one property that actually makes sense to be remade as an endless running game.  Bandai Namco did well by the fans by making this one.

The idea of Pac Man 256 is to obviously avoid the ghosts and eat dots.  What is added is the dreaded glitch that would occur after you reached level 256 in the arcade game.  Also, now you can collect power ups to fight back and coins to buy upgrades to your power ups.

Head over to your digital store of choice and grab Pac Man 256 and just enjoy.

Pac Man 256 by Bandai Namco
Genre: Maze, arcade, endless runner
Platform: Playstation 4, Xbox One, Steam (Windows and Mac)
Available now on Steam, Playstation Network and Xbox Live

Carl Williams

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2 Responses to “Pac Man 256 Hits Steam, Playstation 4 and Xbox One”

  1. Soda Popinski says:

    How much on US consoles?

    • Carl Williams says:

      Should be about $4.99 like it is on Steam. For some reason, it has not launched on US consoles but has on Steam here in the United States.

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