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Mighty No 9 Coming to NVIDIA Shield, Already Delayed

Okay, sure, Mighty No 9 is getting beat like a red headed stepchild by the gaming community, it is making the jump to another platform.  For those that don’t know about Mighty No 9, it is the first game by Kenji Inafune after leaving Capcom.  The sites that are saying there is a “strong” Mega Man feel are idiots.  Anyhow, for the most part, maybe fan expectations of this game are simply higher than they should have been (would they have been this excited over a new Mega Man game?).  Mighty No 9 is making the jump to the NVIDIA Shield, just it has been delayed slightly.

Mighty No 9 was a huge success on Kickstarter.  Counting the Paypal supporters, the developer (Comcept USA LLC) brought in over $4 million in funding.  That is not a number to sneeze at.  The game that was “kickstarted” was already late and many are reporting problems once they did get it.  To find out that it is now delayed for the NVIDIA Shield is probably par for the course.

NVIDIA is not stating what is going on.  That is even more disconcerting.

Fans that want more Mega Man style gaming were the ones that helped push Mighty No 9 over the top on Kickstarter.  There are a lot of fans that want more of Capcom’s Blue Bomber.  Maybe this is quite telling of the situation.  At Capcom, Inafune had people keeping him and his team reigned in as development progressed.  With him in control of his own company, with a rather decent budget, he had no one reigning him in- didn’t have a marketing team to massage the messages to fans either.

Could the delay be related to problems with the final game?  When I find out what is going on with Mighty No 9 and the NVIDIA Shield I will update everyone.

Carl Williams

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One Response to “Mighty No 9 Coming to NVIDIA Shield, Already Delayed”

  1. captainbuck says:

    Duck, Duck Shoot, Crawl and Crawl Shoot wouldn’t have hurt either.

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