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Quake Brings Gamers 3rd Dimension Death – Today in Retro Gaming – June 22nd 1996

Quake Title Screen

Okay, where were you 20 years ago?  Were you a PC gamer or were you a console gamer?  Either way, you probably heard about Quake by id Software when it was released.  It was a game changer for all of the right reasons.  While Doom, id Software’s previous series, was iconic and popular, Quake took it all to a new level.  Full on 3rd dimension.  The gameplay was fast, furious and visceral- much like Doom before, just cranked up to 12.  Today, we salute you, Quake.

Quake was a tour de force of graphical power when it was released.  Polygon based games were not all that common at the time.  Certainly none that moved like this one.  Within the 30, or so, levels were creatures that wanted your blood, creatures that put most of Doom’s denizens to shame.  You didn’t shoot enemies that were either looking left/right or facing you/away here.  No, these creatures were polygonal and they were deadly.  Want proof?

The first time you fight the Shambler for the first time, it was awe inspiring.

The graphics of Quake may be dated today but 20 years ago, they were amazing.  This game helped push PC gaming to new levels and probably single handedly created the secondary 3D video card market.  A market that is still going strong today.

Thanks to the forward thinking of id Software, who released the source code for this classic, there are tons of independently developed ports.  Thanks to fans, Quake has hit more consoles than id Software probably cares to even think of developing for.  From the Sega Dreamcast to the Nintendo DS.  That is not even mentioning the mod subset that brought us cool stuff like Quake Kart.  Fans have even ported the Portal Gun to the game for goodness sake.  Someone else made a version of Tetris in Quake.


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Thank you id Software, John Carmack and John Romero.  The memories are priceless.

Carl Williams

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3 Responses to “Quake Brings Gamers 3rd Dimension Death – Today in Retro Gaming – June 22nd 1996”

  1. msd525 says:

    I commented on the N4G article already, but I still think the level design in this game is often really cool! I love the puzzle/trap designs of American McGee’s stuff (third episode) and the straight-forward action-packed style of Tim Willits (1st episode). It has such a cool gothic, Lovecraftian theme, only really matched today in feel (in any way) by Bloodborne, I suppose, but I feel the first Quake is something special and unlikely to be recaptured in a new game. It just had an odd mixture of things. Sound effects were really good too (NIN).

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