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7 Cool Streets of Rage 2 Hacks

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Streets of Rage 2 is one of those titles that fans simply will not allow to die.  That is great because the game is quite good.  While the original is good, fans have taken the character selection a few steps beyond what Sega ever thought of.  Buckle up sunshine, this is going to be a wild ride.

We have seen Streets of Rage 2 celebrate a few birthdays here at Retro Gaming Magazine.  What is cool is, fans have kept the game alive with new additions, corrections, edits and more.  For instance, there is a color correction available and someone created a boss rush version and still, someone else corrected the censorship Sega instituted in North America.  As far as characters being added by fans, one of the wildest is Donkey Kong while Cody from Final Fightjust fits” so well.

It is cool that someone thought to add Batman and Superman to Streets of Rage 2.  It is just as weird to see either using weapons in the game as that is quite out of character for either.  Still, there is something fun about taking Batman through the streets and laying down some vigilante justice on the enemies.  Both Batman and Superman are animated well, feature color sets that are suitable to them and are fun to play with.

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