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Melodie Unreleased Sony Playstation Portable Title Found Released

The Sony Playstation Portable, a hand held that was held back for many reasons.  Some people feel it was piracy, others feel it was a lack of quality games.  Then there are people that feel it was a “failure” because of lack of direction (Internet, music, games, movies, pictures, etc).  Whatever the reason, a lot of triple A titles never were released for it- hmm, could that have been a reason for it to be dismissed?  With newer platforms like the PSP we see betas and unreleased prototypes from time to time.  Melodie is one such title.

Melodie is kind of gaming mixed with music but not Rock Band style.  This is an actual game.  What is unique about this take on music in gaming is well, it uses your music library (and your photos) to create the levels.  Sure, this has been done a few times over the years on various platforms such as Amped (Xbox), Vib Ribbon (Playstation) and a few games on Android and iTUnes.  Melodie was probably the only game to do it on Playstation Portable though.

What ensues is an action platform title with trippy graphics and a serious collection element.  I am not sure, still downloading the ISO, but it appears to be cell shaded like Viewtiful Joe and Jet Set/Grind Radio.  I will have more on the graphics, gameplay and the like later.

It is interesting to wonder how well Melodie would have been received had it been finished and released on time.  That is true for most prototypes of unreleased games though- you have to wonder, what if this was finished and released.  Could it have been a hit?

If you have an unreleased prototype, know of one, or worked on a game- let us know.  We would love to talk with you and help bring proper coverage forward.  Retrogaming is a team effort, let’s work together- not against each other.

Source: AssemblerGames forums.

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