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Bara Baru Brings Bubble Bobble Style Action to Sega Master System

They say imitation is the best form of flattery.  That has never been truer than in video games.  It is common place for a popular game to spur other companies into making “similar” games.  This is true in the independent developer world too.  Take Bara Baru on the Sega Master System for example.  It is a homage to Bubble Bobble down to the play style and level ideas.  The amount of fun you will have with Bara Baru is very much based on your feelings towards the Taito classic (which hit the SMS about 25 years ago).

This is pretty much what independent game developers that focus on retro consoles.  Taking a classic game idea/property and changing enough to be considered a new game and releasing it.  Many use a pre-existing game and just edit that rather than make a whole new game.  From what I understand, Bara Baru is a 100% new game, not using say the SMS Bubble Bobble game as a basis.

The levels are varied in the platforms are randomly placed, at least compared to each other, and the enemies are annoying.  That is their job though.  To be in the way when you don’t want them around.

The level clearing and points earning are exactly like Bubble Bobble.  The difference in Bara Baru is that you have a sword to attack the enemies with rather than bubbles.  Swipe once and the enemy retreats in their own way.  Then walk over and shove the shocked enemy into the wall and earn points.  Additional points can be earned by collecting several enemies after they hit the wall.

Bara Baru was an entry in the 2016 coding competition held over at SMS Power.  There are usually more than a few cool games submitted in this competition.


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