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Horror Full Motion Video Game D Now Available on

Ah, full motion video games, how thee have been stricken from the hearts of gamers the world over.  It is a shame really.  It seems that the most loved full motion video (FMV) games are horror based.  From Night Trap to Dracula Unleashed, even if they are remembered for the wrong reasons, are among the top FMV games.  D, a classic pre-rendered FMV game by Warp, hit the 3DO (where I played it), Playstation, Sega Saturn and computers of the mid 90’s.  Now, thanks to Night Dive Studios, D now has a new home and it works on modern hardware.  This means a whole new generation of fans can enjoy the classic horror game.

Night Dive Studios are well known in the retro gaming world.  They are responsible for getting the rights to System Shock, I have No Mouth and I Must Scream, Bad Mojo, Turok and many others.  Go ahead, look at their company page and reminisce.  These guys brought all of those games to modern hardware and are working on bringing more out.

D was set in 1997 Los Angeles in a hospital.  The director of that hospital, Richter Harris, has apparent committed quite a crime- mass murder.  You take the role of his daughter, Laura, who has somehow finagled her way past the police and enter the hospital.  This is where things go a bit awry.

D features full motion video that is not acted out by people.  Rather the action is shown via pre-rendered computer animation.  D was one of the few games that stuck closely to the time limit- two hours.  It also features multiple endings which change depending on your actions in the game, time of completion – if any – and if you can even make to the end.

D by Night Dive Studios
Genre: Full Motion Video horror
Platform: PC, Windows/Linux/Macintosh
Available now on

Carl Williams

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