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RPM Racing II Becomes Rock n Roll Racing on Super Nintendo – Today in Retro Gaming – June 4th, 1993

Sometimes doing these historical articles we come across a tidbit of information that is not widely known.  Sure, the hardcore of the hardcore know it but for the most part, the average fan will learn something new.  One such tidbit is that Rock n Roll Racing was originally planned as the sequel to RPM Racing.  I knew the two shared similar viewpoints but I never put two and two together and come up with Rock n Roll Racing.  Maybe I am off in my thinking on this.

Developed by Silicon & Synapse, who later became Blizzard Entertainment, Rock n Roll Racing accentuates what most loved about the Super Nintendo.  The sound chip.  Sony did good by Nintendo when they designed that bad boy.  Interplay’s marketing department took that ball and ran with it when they licensed the music for this title.

Being on cartridge kind of limits the reproductions of the licensed music, what is there is easily recognizable.  It is not just the music that the SNES version used the sound chip for.  There is an announcer that has more than a few phrases that he spews as you play- either motivating you or demeaning you.  He doesn’t care which.

Many fans may remember an earlier title that shared a similar viewpoint.  RC Pro-Am on the Nintendo Entertainment System.  Rock n Roll Racing is like RC Pro-Am all grown up, with rock music and a smart ass announcer.  Gone are the bebop music tracks, cutesy graphics and little remote controlled cars, replaced with bigger badder versions.

As you win races you earn money and can upgrade your car to win more races.  The basics of a great game are there in Rock n Roll Racing.  We have seen the Super Nintendo game ported to the Sega Genesis, with lower quality music and sound effects, and to the Game Boy Advance (with much better results).  There was also a sequel on the Sony Playstation- Red Asphalt.  Blizzard have released a version of Rock n Roll Racing on their online network,, in 2014.

Carl Williams

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