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Top 11 SNES Super Scope Games

The Super Scope for the Super Nintendo was the successor to the NES Zapper on the NES. The Super Scope had everything the original Zapper had minus the fun. While it did utilize the FX chip capabilities on the SNES to its potential it proved to be rather unpopular with the user base. The Super Scope also had a very limited library which hampered its marketability even further. This coupled with the fact that using the Super Scope made you look like a tool truly made it a hard sell for Nintendo. But, amidst a pool of coal was there a metaphorical jewel hidden within the library of the Super Scope? Let’s review the top eleven games that used the Super Scope.

11. Bazooka Blitzkrieg:
A side-scrolling rails shooter in which you fight robots with some kind of rapid fire bazooka (?). I just literally described the whole game. Bazooka Blitzkrieg is boring and I couldn’t even bother finishing it because once you experience the first level you’ve seen them all.

10. T2: The Arcade Game:
T2 is exactly what it says on the tin, an almost faithful recreation of the arcade game. You play as the “good terminator” going through almost nothing we saw in the movie and perhaps even altering the future in more ways than the film predicted, T2: The Arcade Game is pretty awful. At one point in the game some scientist started throwing what I can only presume were rotten eggs with John Connor running around aimlessly the whole time. The game culminates with you battling the T-1000 in a highway which takes you directly into a smelting factory, and I mean literally the transition is miniscule between them.

9. Yoshi’s Safari:
Yoshi’s Safari is basically the most generic Mario skin game ever (this is saying a lot). The title is also rather misleading with Mario and Yoshi not going anywhere remotely resembling a safari or shooting up lions or elephants. The game follows the same routine for each map, choose a stage on the over world, Yoshi follows a path, runs into a mini-boss battle, and at the end he fights one of the koopalings (each with a different gimmick), Magikoopa, or a big boo with Bowser as the final boss (to the surprise of everyone). This is all happening while you fend off a variety of flying bullet-bills, goombas, koopa shells, ghosts, cheeps, and bloopers on your way to the goal. Not much variation here, but at least you will not be getting a seizure with Yoshi’s Safari.

8. Battle Clash:
Using a play style that is more akin to Street Fighter with 1 VS 1 Mech Suits battles in different parts of the world Battle Clash could almost be considered unique in this genre. You play as a young pilot who is accompanying Mike while trying to destroy the evil Anubis and his organization by targeting the six chiefs one at a time. These “chiefs” as the game calls them are pretty generic and don’t do much to make you want to destroy them other than be pointlessly cocky. The game is difficult and even using hacks can still lead to a challenging battle. Utilizing some nice visuals and even visible battle damage on the opponents Battle Clash can provide at least an hour of entertainment, but the story still leaves a lot to be desired.

7. Metal Combat: Falcon’s Revenge:
When I first played this game my first impression was “wow this game can speak to you”. But, then I quickly realized it was actually the sequel to Battle Clash and the amusement wore off rather quickly. The story once more follows Mike and his gunner (you) in an effort to stop Anubis again. This game actually includes a basic tutorial and the difficulty spikes are more abrupt than in the first game (it goes from very easy to hard rather quickly). For the most part Metal Combat received mixed reviews, but I say that it’s equally as terrible as the first one. MC: FR did mix up the formula much better than the previous BC and you can actually choose between two of the Mech suits which actually changes game play slightly. The Graphics were slightly improved, and at least the protagonist looked a lot better than he did in the first game.

6. Lamborghini American Challenge:
You might be thinking to yourself that this sounds like a racing game. I’m here to tell you that you are correct; akin to spy hunter this is a game in which you race around in a sports vehicle and destroy the cars in front of you. In LAC there was a mode included which used nothing but the Super Scope as your primary method of control to shoot the cars in front of you. It was dull and uninteresting, but the same could be said about the game LAC in general. Nothing really stood out in this game for me, but if you ever wanted to pretend you were the protagonist of a Michael Bay film then this is a game that will provide you with seconds (if not minutes) of entertainment. The game itself without the Scope was enjoyable, so if you enjoyed Spy Hunter then you might like this game as well.

5. X-Zone:
In Project X-Zone you play a guy wearing badass power armor using a Super Scope… while trying to infiltrate the X-Zone. The story filled with X-traordinary puns and a ton of nonsense flavor text which only serves to confuse the player even further. If you enjoy screens filled with nonstop action along and probably seizure inducing flashes and colors in a desert, then this is the game for you. You will hardly ever get a moment of rest while playing X-Zone. Hectic, dizzying, and with some decent music X-Zone is a trip that could only be made more enjoyable with the use of illegal substances. This game gets number 5 because of its X-pectacular puns.

4. Tin Star:
Probably my favorite game on this list, and a game I had a very intimate relationship with; Tin Star for the SNES was a robot western themed Super Scope game. I did not own the Super Scope when I first played this game and I wish I had known it was required because it is annoyingly hard without it. When you don’t have the Super Scope attached the game works with a reticule which can be slow or fast depending on your settings. At first this is not much of a problem, but when the game starts going into the quick draw showdowns with the bosses, they are almost impossible without the gun. I think I spent years playing Tin Star before finishing this game for the first time (and even so I still had the worst ending). But, Tin Star was worth it. Almost everything in the game had a reaction to being shot and since it was robots the developers could get away with a lot more than usual. However, you might get bored quickly due to the repetitive scenarios.

3. Operation Thunderbolt:
A game created by Taito for the arcade it involves a plane being high jacked (You won’t see much of this in the post-9/11 world) and having the passengers held as hostage in order to have some terrorist released. You play as Roy Adams or Hardy Jones in their mission to capture six different bases. You can use machine guns or grenades while trying to rescue the hostages. This game is challenging because if you kill any of the hostages you will get a bad ending and also the reticule aiming was rather sluggish. You could call this game Rambo and it wouldn’t make much difference, but it was at least an enjoyable light gun game. OT also had some pretty good graphics for the time.

2. Super Scope 6
This was the game that came bundled with the Super Scope. This game was probably the best light gun game on the console (which is not saying a lot). The title was a reference to the fact that it came packed with 6 games, but the reality it was more like 3 or 4 since some of them are just variations of the same one. Blastris has 2 variations A and B. In the A version of Blastris you have to form lines by eliminating blocks, you get two shots per block and it’s just boring an unintuitive. Version B is a lot better and similar to the original Tetris in terms of presentation. But, both of these are slow and rather dull. The other game Lazerblazer has 3 variations Intercept, Engage, Confront. In these you are some sort of Jet which can intercept missiles, engage missiles, or fight enemy ships. The final game is a whack-a-mole type of game in which you shoot alien moles coming out of the ground. I’m really sad to this say that this was one of the better games for this peripheral.

1. Lemmings 2: The Tribes
I was just as surprised to find out you could use the Super Scope to play Lemmings 2. This game is number one by virtue of being a terrific (without the Super Scope). You control the lemmings on their journey to avoid death and exit the level without killing themselves. It sound simple on paper, however the execution was something completely different and without actively thinking on what ways to solve the puzzles this game was extremely challenging (especially during the later levels). However, what a lot of people did not know was that by plugging in the Super Scope to the second controller port you could literally shoot your lemmings out of existence. Ever felt like being a psychotic murderer with a bone to pick against little green men (?) then trying this mode out is for you! 11/10 will kill again.
You read that correctly; the best game which utilizes this peripheral is not even a light gun game. This speaks volumes of the catastrophic failure which was the Super Scope. It’s no surprise that support for the Super Scope came and went extremely quickly. Better luck next time Nintendo.

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