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What If – Sega Licensed 3DO?

Back in the early 1990’s there was this console called the 3DO.  It was created on the premise of becoming a standard.  This required other companies to license the hardware and release their version of it.  Many companies did including Panasonic and Sanyo.  AT&T was one company that showed a prototype at a convention but never actually released it.  One name that we thought was involved, but never had proof of, was Sega.  That proof has been discovered.

It seems that Sega of Japan was in fact talking with 3DO about licensing the hardware.  The interesting thing is Sega was seriously considering supporting not only the 3DO but the follow-up console- the M2.  This is interesting news that comes directly from Tom Kalinske himself in an interview with (link is dead).

Apparently we came very close to seeing a Sega 3DO console.  It would be interesting to think how this would have fit in the bigger picture for Sega.  Around this time they had the 32X, Sega CD, Saturn looming, Nomad and Game Gear in the portable market, PC game development and of course were making arcade games.  That would have been quite a bit of additional headache for Sega to have assumed.

“We had meetings in Japan with Trip Hawkins, Kalinske recalls. These were “very serious discussions in Tokyo.” Quote from the interview with

Pretty serious, huh?  Then there is this quote-

“We talked about the possibility of ‘Should Sega do a 3DO type of effort and combine with Trip on that machine?’” He continues, “I was not for that mainly because of the complexity of the product and the cost. The cost was very high.”

So it seems that Tom Kalinske was one of the winning voices in not going forward with a Sega branded 3DO console.

How cool, or catastrophic would it have been to have seen a 3DO console by Sega?  Would it have delayed, or completely eliminated the Saturn?

Source: Assemblergames

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