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Max Steel Covert Missions Steathily Hits Sega Dreamcast – Today in History – May 30th, 2001

The Sega Dreamcast, a console that many retro gamers feel left the console war too soon.  Isn’t that how it goes though?  They either leave the battle too soon or stay beyond their welcome.  The Dreamcast in particular had so much untapped potential.  Many of the genres that we enjoy today saw a major jump from the 32-Bit era when they hit the Dreamcast.  Take Max Steel: Covert Missions for example.  Sure, today gamers are enjoying their Uncharted and the like but back earlier this century, things were slightly different.  Sure, Max Steel is not in the same light as Uncharted but neither is the original Tomb Raider yet that does not change its offerings to the genre.

As with most cartoons of the 80’s, which Max Steel seems to be a homage to in some manner, there was a toy line to accompany the animated series.  Mattel was quite happy to push an animated series to peddle their toys to children and with their digital arm, Mattel Interactive, a game or two based on the toys.  This is how we got Max Steel: Covert Missions for the Sega Dreamcast.  Other than an online platform and newer mobile offerings, Covert Missions on the Dreamcast is the only game based on the series- certainly from that time period anyhow.

What gamers that were brave enough to soldier on when faced with a licensed game was a 3D action adventure.  The action is from over the shoulder, similar to the Tomb Raider series but features stealth and action with in engine cut scenes that tell an overall story.  People have torn Max Steel: Covert Missions apart over the years but for those of us interested in just playing a 3D action adventure, you could probably do worse.

Don’t look for Max Steel to be released digitally on modern platforms as it seems Mattel Interactive has left the gaming world.  While Mattel keeps the cartoon, comics and toy line arm of Max Steel alive and kicking, his gaming activities seem to be over.  Head over to Ebay if you are interested in seeing just how much Max Steel stuff is out there.

Carl Williams

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