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Crazy Taxi 2 Makes Sega Dreamcast Curazy – Today in Retro Gaming – May 28th, 2001

Sega knew how to make arcade games.  That is historical fact.  Many of the top arcade titles are Sega releases.  In 2001 one of those fun arcade titles came home to the Sega Dreamcast.  Crazy Taxi 2 is obviously a sequel to Crazy Taxi, another arcade to Sega Dreamcast release. The key word here is arcade as this is truly a fast paced action racing game.  How you take that is up to you, for a lot of gamers though it is a tour de force of fun.

Back in the 80 to the 90’s arcades were king.  If you wanted to play the latest greatest games, it was going to require a trip to the local arcade.  That is if they stocked the latest greatest games.  Most did.  That is how they got you in there and parting with your allowance money.  Sega knew how to work those quarters out of many a hand.  As they got better with their games, they also discovered more ways to get your quarters.

Crazy Taxi 2 was like nothing before, it even improved upon the original which was again nothing like anything before.  Sure, there were hundreds of racing games released in the world of gaming by the time Sega released Crazy Taxi 1 and 2.  The difference is, Crazy Taxi 2 features a jump and curazy stunts.  Yeah, seriously- jumping.  In a yellow cab.

Since this is an arcade game at its heart, the focus is on speed and fun.  Not realism.  You won’t find cops on your tail for running through a roadside diner, or the park, or going the wrong way down a one way street.  The laws of the road really don’t apply to you and your quest for money.  Get customers to their destination quickly and they give you more money.  Narrowly miss obstacles (cars mostly) and the customer will tip you increasingly higher amounts for your style.

Crazy Taxi 2 was released on the Sega Dreamcast (Ebay link) and also saw re-release on the Playstation Portable via Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars (Ebay link) in 2007.

Carl Williams

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