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Bad Dudes Becomes Big Trouble in Little China on Nintendo Entertainment System

While the original game, Bad Dudes, was not a bad game, it was not exactly an awesome game either.  That has not stopped Pacnsacdave from using it as the basis of his latest ROM hack for Big Trouble in Little China.  What Dave has done is turn the original Data East game into an action title based on one of the more entertaining classics I have watched.  Sure, your mileage will vary with this ROM hack based on your opinion of the source material but generally, it is probably going to be a good experience for you.

Big Trouble in Little China tells the story of Jack Burton who is just a regular trucker trying to do his job.  He is heading to the airport to pick up the future wife of a friend but that is where everything kind of goes south.  A Chinese gang is at that same airport with the intent of kidnapping a certain woman.  This gang grabs your friend’s fiancée along with their intended target and well, Jack Burton has to do something about it.

All hell breaks loose as Chinese gods make their appearance, Jack loses his truck and the girl.  To say things are not going well for the hero is an understatement.  The action comes fast and heavy so it is only that much more of a stupefying realization that no one has made a game based on it before.

Dave has worked hard to capture as much of Big Trouble in Little China as he could with a Nintendo Entertainment System game.  The base game of Bad Dudes is still visible for those of us that have been around retro gaming for a while though the changes make it a new game for the most part.

If you are interested in playing a game based on Big Trouble in Little China then check out for the patch file.  Bad Dudes is still a copyrighted and trademarked title that is not available in the public domain so I cannot link to the ROM nor the patched game.

Carl Williams

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