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Famicom Disk System Mario Bros Translated to English

The original Mario Bros game is iconic, if not a little archaic compared to the later games.  With that iconic status comes the fact that Nintendo keeps it alive and well periodically.  From the original release in arcades and the obvious parade around the console world of the time to seeing release in some form on modern consoles and hand helds- Mario Bros is not dead.  It is interesting to note though, throughout all of those re-releases within other games, we have yet to officially receive the slightly fuller Famicom Disk System version.  Until now and unofficially.

The Famicom Disk System game, Kaettekita Mario Bros was never released in North America.  This is kind of sad news as there are a few extras here that help flesh out the quite limited gameplay of the actual game.

In this version of Mario Bros you can slightly change direction in mid-air, similar to Super Mario Bros, closer to arcade graphics and you could register your name for the high score table.  The high score table keeps track of the top five scores.

Interestingly, this version of Mario Bros is apparently a licensed release.  Well, licensed as in a food company, Nagatanien who is a Japanese food company, has advertising placed throughout.  This is quite evident in there being a Nagatanien World mode which gives you a chance to play a slot machine when you lose all of your lives.  Cut-scenes are basically mini advertisements for Nagatanien products.

It is dumbfounding that Nintendo has yet to bring this version of the classic game over to North America.  The cut-scenes could easily be replaced with advertisements for Nintendo product or even advertising for other companies.  Ads could change based on who is buying ad space for that period.  This could be a new boon for Nintendo’s earnings.  What do you think?

If you want to grab the patch file for Mario Bros then hit, I cannot link directly to the ROM as Nintendo has not released it into the public domain.

Carl Williams

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