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New 3D Dreamcast Engine Coming Soon

The Sega Dreamcast, Sega’s last console, has certainly been one that fans simply won’t let die.  We have seen many homebrew and indie releases for the Sega Dreamcast.  We have seen source engine ports over the years thanks to companies like id Software releasing the source code to key software.  One such key piece of software was Quake 3 which is what Dreamcast Engine is based upon.

Right now, Dreamcast Engine is not much more than a tech demo of the improvements being implemented.  The classic id Software Quake 3 engine is quite a capable piece of software already.  Dreamcast Engine is still being worked on and seeing improvements with each release.

Dreamcast Engine currently includes features such as animations for the weapon, sprites showing the muzzle flash and associated sound effects.  There are also bullet decals that are shown quite well in the tech video above.

As with the source material, Quake 3, Dreamcast Engine will allow many developers to kick off with their own projects.  Could we finally see a Dreamcast version of the classic Quake Kart?  Or the flight simulator that was made for the first Quake?

What are you most excited to see come of Dreamcast Engine?  More first person shooters or another genre?

Source: Youtube

Carl Williams

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