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Mojon Twins Spanish Crowdfunding Project Ends

The Mojon Twins have been quite busy.  They have worked on several titles over the years for many platforms.  Earlier this year they launched a crowdfunding project on a Spanish service similar to Kickstarter.  Their campaign is now over.

They were successful in reaching their goal.  Actually they beat that goal by nearly four times over.  This is great news as it sends a clear message to retro gaming developers.  If they create great games and let fans know about them, those fans will support you.  Below are the titles that fans helped bring to life.

Super Uwol for the 8-Bit Nintendo Entertainment System.  This is a title that is available on other platforms but this is the first time on the NES.  Action puzzle fans should know about Super Uwol.

Ninjajar for the ZX Spectrum.  An action game for the Spectrum.  Looks quite good too.

Mega Cheril for the Sega Genesis/Sega Mega Drive.  Action platform title with a naked protagonist.  There is more here than just a 16-Bit “adult” game though.

Prayer of the Warrior for the ZX Spectrum.  Another action title for the computer we did not get in the United States.  I am starting to feel shafted there.

Sir Ababol for the Nintendo Entertainment System.  Another action title, this time for the NES.

And finally, Mega Mindtris for the Sega Genesis/Sega Mega Drive.  This is a puzzle title for Sega’s 16-Bit platform.  Looks like a mix of Tetris and math/numbers.

Mojon Twins have been quite prolific in retrogaming and are one of the shining stars of the community.  They focus on original content for various platforms, rather than ripping off content they don’t own the rights too.

My previous coverage of the Mojon Twins is available here on Retro Gaming Magazine.  If you know of a title I missed and you want to see it featured, just let me know.

Carl Williams

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