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Centipede, Missile Command Movies Coming

When you think of classic games that could make interesting movies, do you think of a horror themed Pac-Man?  What about a whip wielding adventure ala Pitfall?  I bet Centipede and Missile Command are not high on your list of potential movie candidates.  Well, they are on the list for Emmett/Furla/Oasis Films and they have optioned the film rights for them from Atari.  Yeah.  Shocked me too.

We saw a bit of cinema based around Centipede in Adam Sandler’s Pixels movie (read my review on Hubpages).  While that movie is either love/hate it with viewers, we did get to see some pretty cool special effects.  My favorite was the whole pixelization of real world stuff like fire trucks and even people.  I wonder if we will see something similar in Centipede or Missile Command when they hit theaters.

This is how I see these movies playing out.

Centipede will probably be something along the lines of a bug control person gets shrunk down somehow.  Maybe he was fumigating outside of the Szalinski residence in Honey I Shrunk the Kids and got hit with just enough of the ray.  The rest of the movie would be about this person surviving the trials and tribulations of the insect world, similar to that other movie.  The difference here is that our protagonist (would it be antagonist?) meets some insects that are good and some that are evil and learns that not all bugs are bad.  How he gets back to full size is not shown in the movie as it closes with him being stuck as a miniature fumigator fighting evil bugs at grass level.  Sets up a sequel if this thing is a hit.

Missile Command is a much more interesting movie in my opinion.  They could go the whole “Wargames” angle and have a central computer controlling things (my how that movie came SO close to getting it right by “future” standards).  They could go the “evil” country is shooting missiles at the “good” country too and it is only video gamers that have the hand eye coordination to use the latest laser technology to shoot them down angle.  This one is much more open.  I wonder if Dolph Lundgren would be available for playing the bad guy in yet another movie?

Anyhow, those two classic titles are going to become movies.  No information on if these will be cinema releases or straight to DVD/streaming service works or not.  Seriously, when are we going to get a horror movie based on Pac-Man?

Carl Williams

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