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Don’t Squash that Bug! On Sega Saturn – Today in History – May 11th, 1995

Sega.  A company that is held close to many a gamer’s heart.  A company that used to be awesome.  A company that only once almost became the bride instead of the bridesmaid of gaming.  They were SO close SO many times to doing all things right that it is almost a running joke in retro gaming. One such instance was when they released the Sega Saturn console.  It was a fresh start, a chance to begin anew and focus on better arcade ports than ever before.  Sure, we got Virtua Fighter and Daytona USA but that was just not enough.  Fans wanted a new Sonic.  Instead we got Bug! and Astal- both interesting in their own rights but NOWHERE near what gamers wanted from Sega at that particular moment in time.  Bug! was an interesting release as it took many chances with the side scrolling genre, too bad many gamers didn’t give it a chance back in the day.

First, the story.  Your, well, bug, is a world famous actor and he has just signed a new deal to make an action film.  The story is the usual kidnapped girlfriend by some big bad evil person, here it is Queen Cadavra (points for making the main enemy female).  The “game” you are playing is nothing more than your actor bug going through the scenes of his action film.  The cut scenes were used to show your bug going from one set to the next one in the movie.  It is at least an interesting story that gives decent reason for the action.

The game is actually a 3D action platformer that is restricted to 2D movement most of the time.  You are able to walk into the screen and even jump on the heads of enemies while doing so.  The interesting thing about Bug! was that you can see parts of the level in the background.  You are actually able to travel to those sections.  Had Sega used this engine for a Sonic game at launch, I can only imagine things would have been better for Sega in the long run.

A sequel to Bug!, Bug! Too was released on the Sega Saturn in November 1996.  The original Bug! was ported to Windows 3.1 and Windows 95 (combo disc containing both versions) and released in August 1996.  There has not been a digital re-release of Bug! or Bug! Too yet so head to Ebay if you want a copy for Windows or your Sega Saturn.

Carl Williams

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