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Take Down Nazi Forces in Wolfenstein 3D on PC – Today in History – May 5th, 1992

Okay, back in the early 1990’s PC gaming was COMPLETELY different than it is today.  We actually went to stores and bought games.  We didn’t have online capabilities standard in games.  We barely had modem, land line, multiplayer.  Direct, in the same room multiplayer was common around this time.  We also would call or write, via an actual pen and paper letter, the game company/developer to get a demo disk.  One popular method of getting games out to gamers was to release a demo via shareware.  Since the Internet was not prevalent, publishers and developers relied on fans sharing these shareware releases.  Wolfenstein 3D was one such success story of this business practice.  What some of you may not realize is, John Carmack and John Romero were behind Wolfenstein 3D.

Wolfenstein 3D was a “3D” title developed and released for DOS computers.  I was going to say “DOS gaming computers” but I was snickering too much to make that statement.  Being on PC allowed Apogee to run wild with the content of Wolfenstein 3D.

Wolfenstein 3D tells the story of a soldier behind enemy lines in World War II.  You are fighting Nazi soldiers, genetic and otherwise, in an all-out shoot out.  The levels are faux 3D in nature but good enough to fool your eyes- depth and scaling techniques definitely helped.

Yep, John Carmack and John Romero were behind Wolfenstein 3D.  This duo went onto create Doom and Quake- two titles that helped push PC gaming into the mainstream.  They also, damn near, single handedly created the 3D video card business thanks to their games.

We have seen Wolfenstein 3D ported to many computers and consoles over the years.  Thanks to the source code for the engine being released, fans have ported Wolfenstein 3D to platforms unheard of at launch.  This giving back to the fans has paid off as newer official ports have sold decently along with fan ports to other platforms that were released for free.

Wolfenstein 3D has hit many digital platforms such as Steam, iTunes, Xbox Live and Playstation Network.  If you want a physical copy then head over to Ebay.

Carl Williams

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