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Jazz Jackrabbit Jumps Past Mario on PC – Today in History – May 3rd, 1994

While today 2D side scrolling action platform titles are a regular occurrence, they are still not as popular they were on consoles 20+ years ago.  Jazz Jackrabbit was not perfect but it was lightyears ahead of similar titles on personal computers of the time.  If you were a fan of action platform titles and only owned a computer then you knew the name of Jazz Jackrabbit quite well.  This is the first game in a series of titles created for Epic MegaGames by Arjan Brussee and Cliff Bleszinski.

Did you know that, for a period of time, Jazz Jackrabbit was the mascot of Epic MegaGames?

Jazz Jackrabbit was a colorful title, this was quite a standout against PC titles of the time.  During this period first person shooters were taking over and so were real time strategy games.  Neither of those genres were known for producing colorful titles.  Jazz Jackrabbit was a standout for both the style and the color scheme chosen.  It did help that it was a quality title that was known by many console gamers (even though it never was released on a console).

Interestingly, several Jazz Jackrabbit characters appear in One Must Fall: 2097 on personal computers.  Pay attention to the pilots of certain mechs and see if you recognize any familiar faces.  Also, there were One Must Fall: 2097 cameos in the first Jazz Jackrabbit game- how cool is that?

Epic has not forgotten their former mascot in recent times either.  When they released the development kits they included a homage to the jumping rabbit.  Contained within the tutorials for the Unreal Engine is one featuring an overhead dual stick shooter version of Jazz Jackrabbit.  Pretty neat.

There has been a series of titles in the Jazz Jackrabbit library that spanned personal computers and at least one appearance on the Game Boy Advance.  Head over to Ebay for copies of the games.

Carl Williams

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