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Game Hack – Play Zelda in A Link to the Past, Save Link

With the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) coming up and Nintendo already stating a Zelda game will be there, I figure it is a good time to promote some Zelda hacks.  The other Link to the Past hack that I just wrote up is getting a bit of interest for various reasons.  This hack though, while “similar” is much more inclusive, not just text getting edited this time around.  In this hack of A Link to the Past, we are given a whole new character to play as with additional, proper, text to enjoy.  You are now playing Zelda herself and must rescue that bumbling, if you watched the cartoon from the early 1990’s, adventurer- Link.

First things first here.  This hack only really changes the text to fit your playing Zelda and of course the character sprite.  The actual game is not changed all that much from what I can tell (I haven’t played through it completely).  There is no changelog for this hack, other than the paragraph loaded up on’s website.

I am sure for a lot of gamers, particularly the girls, this is going to be a cool hack.  I do wonder why Nintendo never offered a female Link, even it is clearly a “different” dimension or whatever, so both sexes of gamers could play and relate.  As I mentioned in the other hack of A Link to the Past, it is probably due to male gamers being a much larger demographic, at least when Zelda III was released.

I personally like these types of hacks.  The ones that not only change a bit of text but also the game itself.  While it is fine correcting a bad translation, it is more fun when you are given a new twist on a familiar title.

For those that want to experience The Legend of Zelda – A Link to the Past from the perspective of Zelda, head over to and download the patch.  You are on your own as far as getting the actual game ROM.

Carl Williams

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