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Flicky Unsung Hero of Sega’s Games Arrives on Genesis – Today in History – May 1st, 1991

Tell me if you can.  Who has the most “background” appearances in gaming?  No, I don’t mean the turtles and the mushroom enemies of the Super Mario series since those are enemies- they are expected to appear.  I mean the little guys, the ones that hardly anyone knows the name of but can point them out whenever they appear.  Flicky stars those exact little background characters that hardly anyone knows the name of.  The thing is, they have gotten around in Sega branded games.

Flicky originally hit arcades in 1984 followed by many home computer versions.  This classic Sega game shared a lot in common with other single screen affairs of the time.  You are tasked with collecting all of the little birds (chirps) in the level and taking them, safely, to the exit.  Sounds simple, right?

Wrong.  There is more to this game than the idea may lead you to believe.  Again, similar to other games of the era, there is more than meets the eye (TRANSFORMERS!!!).

Contained within each level are lizard and feline enemies that are kind of hungry and chirps are the main course on the menu.

Flicky characters have appeared in the Sonic the Hedgehog series since the first game.  They were named “Flickies” in Sonic 3D Blast.  They are given a whole island in Tails Adventure and are even offensively supportive of Tails in Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles.  They also appear in the Chao Gardens of Sonic Adventure and follow Amy Rose.  Outside of the Sonic brand, Flickies appear in Bloxeed, Teddy Boy and Flashpoint (both Sega arcade games).  There is a bonus round in Gunstar Super Heroes that is obviously themed after Flicky, including having chirps to save.

Flicky is a game that spawned one of the most iconic “cameo” characters of all time.  Now, go hit up Ebay for your copy or grab a copy off of Steam or one of the countless other re-releases.

Carl Williams

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