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Mojon Twins to Release Six New Games via Spanish Crowd Funding Service

The Mojon Twins are not new to our readers here at Retro Gaming Magazine.  I have covered their releases over the years and readers have shown amazing support.  Recently, one of our readers alerted me to the fact that the Mojon Twins are releasing six new games via a Spanish crowd funding service.  Here are those six games, a few may be familiar to regular readers.




  • Super Uwol for the 8-Bit Nintendo Entertainment System

Super_Uwol_Mojon_Twins_NES (1)
Uwol is a new take on the single room escapes that were popular back in the day.  Other titles that were in this category included Solomon’s Key, Fire and Ice and the Adventures of Lolo series.  Uwol has already been released on many platforms but this version is different.  There is an additional level and now there is a two player mode.

  • Ninjajar for the ZX Spectrum

This is a spiritual broth to the classic Sega series, Alex Kidd.  Fans of the classic Sega platformer will be right at home with this one.  Ninjajar will come on a 128k cassette.

  • Mega Cheril Comes to the Sega Genesis/Mega DriveMega_Cheril_Perils_Sega_Genesis_Mega_Drive_Mojon_Twins (1)

I have covered this one quite a bit here on RGM.  Action platform fans will want to check this one out.  Previous coverage is available here.

  • Prayer of the Warrior Coming to ZX Spectrum

Not a lot is known about this one but based on the Youtube video, it appears to be a single screen based fantasy action adventure.  Nothing wrong with that.  Now, 25+ years after initially planned to release, we will see Prayer of the Warrior finished and made available.

  • Sir Ababol for the NES


Our friends over at Retro Game Network covered this obscure action platform title.  Sir Ababol features a dark theme coupled with Super Mario style methods of dispatching the enemy.  Worth checking out.

  • Mega Mindtris for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive

Not a lot is available on Mega Mindtris.  All I can tell is that it is a puzzle game involving numbers.  Looks interesting already but I am also a numbers guy.

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Carl Williams

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  1. Berto Yulianto says:

    The project is finally funded now. 🙂

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