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Mega Man Soccer Replaces Blasters with Soccer Balls on Super Nintendo – Today in History – April 2nd, 1994

Nintendo has shown over the years that there is quite a bit of money to be made in iconic characters doing uncharacteristic things.  Mario started as a girder climber, then a running and jumping plumber.  Eventually Mario saw a short career in pharmaceuticals and even racing.  Capcom was paying attention around 1993 when Mega Man Soccer began development.  What fans got was, well, Mega Man and his enemies playing soccer instead of blasting each other.  Take that as you will.

Apparently the back story for Mega Man Soccer is that there is a televised soccer game that is interrupted by an explosion.  When the cameras are rolling again, the players have been replaced by Dr. Wiley’s robot masters.  Dr. Light cannot sit idly by and watch so he does the only thing he can- he creates several Mega Man robots and sends them to beat Dr. Wiley’s minions.  Yeah, that fits the point of the regular Mega Man games.

What ensues is a normal game of soccer.  No blasters, no destroying the enemies.  Just soccer with a lot of blue Mega Man robots versus the same number of whatever enemy.  When I first heard about Mega Man Soccer so many years ago, I thought it was going to be at least varied in teams.  This was probably an idea that was played with but scrapped due to this stopping with robot masters around Mega Man 4 in game time.

The way Capcom did it, there is no Pele or Mia Hamm on any of the teams.  There is no one that stands out from the other players.  Every player on each team is literally the same – none are better at kicking or blocking than anyone else on the team.  That makes the proceedings just a tad tedious.

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