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Iron Storm Brought War Grognard Gaming to Sega Saturn – Today in History – April 1st, 1996

Working Designs, I miss you.  There, with that out of the way, I can get on with this historical article on one of their more hardcore releases.  If you are a war gaming grognard then you will be right at home with Iron Storm on the Sega Saturn.  This is hardcore beyond belief.  Iron Storm is more hardcore than the “General” games (Panzer, Allied, Fantasy, etc).  Third World War was pretty hardcore on the Sega CD but Iron Storm makes that look like you were playing checkers in comparison.  Iron Storm is one of the few Advanced Daisenryaku games to see release in North America.

Set during World War II, Iron Storm is a turn based strategy game that has a feel similar to a certain Nintendo war game series.  Unlike Advance Wars, Iron Storm is no nonsense and much more detailed with its campaigns.  Also, Iron Storm is much more in depth as far as stats for units, countries, etc.

When you reach the enemy, battles are played out in 3D animations.  Before you get head over heels, please realize this is “Sega Saturn 3D”.  It is no more impressive now than it was then but it gets the point across.  Having 10 bombers come in and lay waste to a group of four infantrymen is represented well.

Much like any good turn based war game there is a lot of setup for the battles.  A telltale sign of this genre is the pain in realizing that you setup wrong and are going to lose a several hours long campaign due to poor planning.  That also works the other way around when you realize you have setup a damn near perfect offense against the enemy and they are going to be decimated.

For war gaming grognards Iron Storm is the perfect storm.  For those thinking this is just a more realistic Advance Wars, you are in for a big surprise.

Head to Ebay to grab your copy of Iron Storm for the Sega Saturn.

Carl Williams

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