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Target Renegade Sequel to NES Classic Hits – Today in History – March 26th, 1990

Target Renegade was the sequel to the original Renegade game that also appeared on the Nintendo Entertainment System.  Target Renegade is a brawler, similar to Final Fight and Double Dragon.  Considering there are only two action buttons there are many required button combinations to successfully navigate all of the moves available to your fighter.

The Nintendo Entertainment System was no stranger to brawlers.  We saw many hit the console over its life.  Double Dragon, Mighty Final Fight and many others including this title, Target Renegade.

This was one of the brawlers that I purchased back in the day shortly after release.  I was not aware of the ports to other platforms (all computers) at the time, nor did I really care.  I played Target Renegade all weekend after getting it and beat it that same weekend.  This didn’t cheapen the title one bit though.  Anyone that has played a good brawler will tell you, there is always more to the game than just beating it.

The controls in Target Renegade are far from intuitive.  This is probably due to the fact that the NES controller only offers two action buttons.  I wish Taito had seen fit to release Target Renegade on the Sega Genesis, which at the time offered three buttons.  That third button would have been so nice to have available.  This was probably not an option as the game was made with 8-Bit platforms in mind- all of the computers it was released on were 8-Bit also.

Target Renegade is a five level brawler that is more cumbersome than it should be sometimes (such as jump kicking).  Taito did a pretty good job porting Target Renegade to the Nintendo Entertainment System.  The limitations of the console, though, get in the way quite a bit.

If you want a copy of Target Renegade then you are going to have to hit Ebay or a local used game store.

Carl Williams

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