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Some Sonic Titles Coming to New Apple TV

Sega are nothing if not prolific in keeping their classic catalog alive.  Now, updating that retro gaming catalog, or allowing fans to make their own updates, is another story.  Part of Sega keeping their heritage alive is bringing certain, key, games to new platforms whenever possible.  By the end of March, several Sonic the Hedgehog games will be working on the “new” Apple TV.

Sonic the Hedgehog is available and compatible now with the Apple TV device.  Fans will recognize this one as the title that helped bring the Sega Genesis from a distant #2 to a competitor in the 16-bit era.  Nintendo really didn’t have an answer for the blue speed demon.  This showed in sales for the time, and over the decades following on other platforms.  Currently available on Android and iTunes.

Sonic 2 is planned to be released on the Apple TV platform on March 24th.  No information is available if the two player “squished” screen mode will be available in this version or not.  Currently available on Android and iTunes.

Sonic CD was obviously the title that Sega hoped would capture lightning twice, this time for their struggling Sega CD add-on.  This did not happen as the Sega CD was not much better off after this game hit.  With a ton of levels, or an extremely short play through, depending on your style and interest, Sonic CD is awesome.  Available on Android and iTunes.

Sega has been really cool about keeping their classics alive.  It is too bad that they are hell bent on stopping fans from expressing their interest in seeing updated versions.  If history has proven anything, if there is a new platform, there will be a compliment of Sega titles available for it too.

Sonic games are available on many platforms.  If you want originals, or to get an idea of how widespread Sonic is, check our Ebay link.

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