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Remove Blur and Fog in Nintendo 64 Games

The Nintendo 64 is one of those consoles that was marred by the little details.  Particularly the fact that those little details were either blurred out or hidden behind fog.  Fans of the competition pointed at the blurriness and fog in many of the Nintendo 64 games.  Some it just got sad.  Some were still able to be detailed enough that fans didn’t notice the detractions.  The real question here is, when playing Mario 64, did you really notice the blur?

Thanks to some handy hackers, we can now enjoy Nintendo 64 games minus the free fog and blur Nintendo built in.  It seems that the Nintendo 64 was producing crisp, clear, graphics.  The problem arises from the fact that Nintendo saw fit to turn on anti-aliasing by default.  Anti-aliasing blurs things just a bit to smooth them out.

Turning off anti-aliasing will make some games look great, such as Jet Force Gemini.  As warned by our friends over at Retrocollect, some games will look noticeably worse when turning off anti-aliasing.  There are methods available to adjust the level of anti-aliasing you are using so you can tailor the visuals a bit to your liking.

There are some Nintendo 64 games that allowed you to turn off anti-aliasing in their menus, though they are few in number.  Quake 64 is one such title.  With these patches and hacks though, you will be able to turn off not only anti-aliasing but adjust other settings.

The legal method to remove fog and turn off anti-aliasing is to use a Gameshark 64 and your copies of the games.  If you don’t have a Gameshark 64 then hit Ebay (affiliate link) and while there, grab some Nintendo 64 games (Ebay affiliate link).

Big thanks to our friends at Retrocollect for bringing these options to our attention.  Head to the Assembler Games forums for more information on the various options.

Carl Williams

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