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Ring of Red Shows Alternate History after World War II on Playstation 2 – Today in History – March 12th, 2001

It is historical fact that Germany and Japan lost World War II.  Ring of Red tells the story of an alternate history where Japan was conquered by both Soviet and American forces.  This has led to a North Korea/South Korea situation that is rife with troubles.  Seriously, Harry Turtledove could have a field day in this alternate universe.  Armored Fighting Walkers are created by both sides to do most of the heavy fighting. 

Set in the 1960’s, Ring of Red tells the alternate history of a Japan that was torn apart by opposing forces.  In this timeline, it is interesting to note Germany contributed to both the North and South Japan countries.  The great war told in Ring of Red began in 1950 when North Japan invaded South Japan.

Ring of Red is a mix of turn based strategy and real time combat using soldiers, traditional military weapons and of course, mecha.  The mecha in Ring of Red are the aforementioned Armored Fighting Walkers, tanks on two or more legs.

Using the tactical map you place units and move them around to either defend or take locations on the map.  These locations can offer defense bonuses or even penalties to your troops so choose carefully.  This is much like many traditional turn based strategy games operate.

In combat, your Armored Fighting Walker faces off with the enemy’s AFW along with complimentary troops.  The challenge here comes in the form of having to wait for your AFW’s main weapon to be loaded before you can attack.  If either AFW is destroyed in combat then that side loses.  If neither AFW is destroyed within the time limit then the battle is a draw.

Ring of Red is available on the Playstation 2 and has not seen a digital re-release as of this writing.  That leaves Ebay if you want a copy.

Carl Williams

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