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Bandit Gaming – Super Mario Bros Texas Instruments 99/4a Port

Okay, Nintendo shot down Princess Rescue on the Atari 2600.  That has not stopped other fans from porting Super Mario Bros to other platforms.  One such platform is the Texas Instruments 99/4a computer.  What we have here is obviously not an official port but a pretty interesting fan creation. 

Okay, before we go too far- who the hell knew the Texas Instruments 99/4a could do this?  My next question is, why haven’t these abilities of the hardware been promoted more?  Okay, I got my disbelief out of the way.

There are some liberties that have been taken in this fan port.  For one, the backgrounds are currently swappable.  There are the original backgrounds that are one plane moving with the level.  There is also the option to swap them out for backgrounds that mix Super Mario World with Super Mario Bros in a cool mashup.  Other liberties that have been taken focus more on Mario himself.  When grabbing the fire power plant, there is no slight pause as Mario changes.  It is just instant.

What is here in this fan port is quite interesting.  This is almost a carbon copy of Super Mario Bros running on the Texas Instruments 99/4a.  Take into consideration that this is a fan working in their spare time and it is even more awesome.

The music seems slightly slower than in the Nintendo NES original too.  There is no sound effect in place for breaking blocks.  When hit as big Mario, it is nearly instant that he becomes small again.  There is no transition animation, yet.

There is a high chance that Nintendo will shoot this developer a cease and desist letter when it comes closer to completion.  This could probably be avoided if the developer continues just releasing it for free, rather than selling it on cartridge (like Princes Rescue was).

Mario is a big man in gaming and there are a ton of official releases.  This port to the Texas Instruments 99/4a is chronicled over on AtariAge.  Head over to Ebay and grab any copies of those elusive Mario games you don’t already own.

Carl Williams

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