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3DNES Emulator Adds New Dimension to Classic Nintendo Titles

Man, what if there was an emulator that could take any 8-Bit Nintendo Entertainment System title and make it new again?  While not exactly perfect 3DNES does give a new take on the classics of yesteryear.  The 8-Bit Nintendo NES was not powerful enough to do a lot of the graphical tricks that we saw beginning in the 16-bit era such as line scrolling (popularized in the floors of Street Fighter II).  Some games work immensely well while others, well, they aren’t so lucky.  If you want to play with 3DNES you are going to have to fire up the Firefox browser though.

Emulators are nothing new in gaming.  We have had them for decades and they have improved year after year.  This is an early release of 3DNES and if history has shown us anything, early releases are just a taste of what is to come.  Right now though, man, some games look great.

The video that we have available shows off a few of the NES classics that we all probably remember dearly.  Dr. Mario is first and it works great- the 3D effect doesn’t really change how the game plays.  This would probably be true for most single screen games like other puzzle titles.

Next up is Contra by Konami.  If you are wanting to use 3DNES only for Contra, um, wait for a future version.  This version makes Contra nearly unplayable though you can see how things are progressing.

Capcom’s Mega Man is after Contra.  This time the 3DNES emulator does a very good job in working with the original game.  Shadows are in play, additional bits of shading and an added problem with lining up with ladders just for fun.  Still, quite an admirable presentation so early on.

Legend of Zelda II is somewhat cool looking.  The fight scenes are cool and detailed but the towns are another story (on par with how bad Contra faired).

Ah, Super Mario Bros 3- what do we have here?  Oh goodness gracious, a combination between Zelda II and Contra.  Some parts are playable but others are, well, let’s see what the next version of 3DNES brings to the table.

Legend of Kage gives the worse presentation of the bunch- beating out Contra, if you can believe that.

Castlevania, another Konami classic finishes out the video.  Again, we are looking at some Legend of Zelda II scenes here.  The person playing moves the camera around a bit and it seems to fix the problems nicely till the later part of level one.  Obviously improvements would make this classic even more worthwhile to replay.

If you want to give 3DNES a try, head over to and load up your favorites.  You never know, they just might work.

Carl Williams

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