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Abadox Takes Fans to the Belly of the Beast on Nintendo NES – Today in History – March 9th, 1990

Scrolling shooters used to rule the roost.  Back in the 8 to 16-bit days, a console was in trouble if it didn’t have a good set of scrolling shooters to showcase.  Fans just demanded them and developers were all too happy to supply them.  It got to the point that we saw quite a bit of market saturation.  Shooters were everywhere.  To stand out, you had to have something new.  Abadox had that “new” alright.  New here was blood and guts, literally.

The cool thing is the possibly “inside” nod to the animated Transformers movie from the 1980’s (the one where Prime dies).  First, your planet is taken over by an alien that literally consumes your planet (like Unicron attempts with Cybertron).  This alien doesn’t just leave it at that though, no, this alien called Parasitis BECOMES your planet and begins its attempt at consuming other planets.  For anyone that knows the animated Transformers storyline, that is Unicron during the movie, and pretty much the miniseries that followed.  You have to take your planet back by entering the body of Parasitis and fighting half rotten giant space dogs, eyeballs and even a giant tongue to name a few enemies.

Gameplay will be familiar to anyone that has played Gradius by Konami.  Published by Milton Bradly and developed by Natsume, Abadox pushes the Nintendo Entertainment System hard.  Natsume are known for getting quite a lot out of the NES, they did Shadow of the Ninja, Shatterhand, Power Blade 1 and 2 and S.C.A.T. so they are well versed with Nintendo’s 8-Bit hardware.  There is flicker and some slow down but come on, look at Abadox in action- on the NES- it is to be expected.  My main complaint is why Natsume didn’t revisit Abadox on the Super Nintendo or Sega Genesis?

Abadox has not received a digital re-release yet so off to Ebay if you want a copy.


Carl Williams

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2 Responses to “Abadox Takes Fans to the Belly of the Beast on Nintendo NES – Today in History – March 9th, 1990”

  1. SpecialK says:

    Picked this up randomly from a vendor at MAGFest last year, and really enjoy stuff like this, given that I grew up on LifeForce. Great game, love the imagery. (By the by, nice nod to TF. Huge fan here 😉 )

    Too few of these “types” of schmups being made today. A lot of “bullet hell” genre shooters by Cave, etc, but very few “slower paced” schmups like this generation was rife with, the R-Types, etc.

    • Carl Williams says:

      Oh, I have to definitely agree with you there. There are far too few “slow” paced side scrolling shooters. Everyone seems obsessed with “bullet hell” and they have forgotten about those of us that appreciate a good challenge due to level layout, enemy placement etc.

      There are a few that remember us though. I plan on doing an article on those games that remember fans like us.

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