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Strider Downhill Runs Into Arcades – Today in History – March 7th, 1989

This is one of those titles that MADE us goto the local arcade and drop more than we wanted into it, one quarter at a time.  Capcom really hit the nail on the head with Strider- it is a classic in every sense of the term.  Graphically, Strider holds up quite well, especially the arcade version- while not perfect, and surpassed by better hardware, this arcade machine can more than hold its own.  If you have never played Strider then please continue reading to find out why you should, if you have played it- you are already probably grabbing a copy.

The difficulty level of Strider is set nearly on perfect.  It is just right to suck more quarters out of your pocket, in later re-releases it is incentive to hammer the continue button.  Capcom were masters of this, outside of Ghosts n Goblins anyhow.  For 2D side scrolling action fans, it doesn’t get much better than Strider.

There are ports of Strider to home consoles from the time period, all are good except the NES game.  Much like what happened with Ninja Gaiden, the NES game is nothing like the arcade game.  This is not inherently bad, unless you are looking for the arcade experience at home.  The NES game is a 2D side scrolling adventure title that has you traversing levels repeatedly looking for key cards and other items.

The Sega Genesis version was the leader of the home ports back in the day.  This version was THE version to own. It was the game that got me to buy a Genesis.  I actually owned the game for a good week before I could find a Genesis for sale (not many stores in my area of Arkansas carried the console but they had games- weird).  It may have helped a bit that the Genesis version is the only console version that resembled the arcade game to see release in North America at this time.  The NEC Turbo Grafx-16 Arcade Card for the CD-ROM attachment saw a version of Strider release- depending on who you ask, it was better/worse than the Genesis version.

Strider has seen re-release on many compilations over the years.  Over on Ebay (affiliate link) you can find Strider games for nearly every popular platform.

Carl Williams

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