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WCW vs the World Pushed Wrestling to New Heights on Playstation – Today in History – February 28th, 1997

WCW vs the World on the Playstation was the first Virtual Pro Wrestling title to come to the United States.  This is a serious distinction considering the Virtual Pro Wrestling engine is one of the better ones that gamers saw during this period.  The people behind it went onto become Aki Corporation who made No Mercy on the Nintendo 64 (I know, Wrestlemania 2000 is the high water mark).  While during the 8-bit era we were limited to eight wrestlers, the 16-bit era upped this a bit but WCW vs the World offered over 50 wrestlers.  The breadth of the roster was nearly as deep as it was on the television programs WCW offered on a weekly basis.

While graphically, WCW vs the World is rather blocky looking, fans will be able recognize Hollywood Hulk Hogan, Chris Benoit and the many other wrestlers in their 3D polygonal representations.  There are a few graphical errors such as Chris Benoit being just as big as Hulk Hogan but that is fine, it is better than most other interpretations of these guys in a game.

WCW vs the World features a ton of modes and match stipulations to match the depth of the roster.  This is another thing that most wrestling games get wrong.  Since this is a 3D game, and a somewhat early one at that, there are sweeping camera angles that help give the illusion of “being there” if you can get past the graphics.  There is a severe amount of polygon tearing and popping in and out but considering this is nearly a 20 year old game and it gives so much in other areas, it is forgivable.  If you are in the mood to enjoy a wrestling game with WCW wrestlers, when the company was on their way up then here you go.

There has been no digital re-release of WCW vs the World (licensing would be a tough thing to get through) so you are limited to buying a physical copy.  Purchasing off of Ebay (sponsor link) helps RGM continue.

Carl Williams

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