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R-Types Brings Arcade Originals Home to Playstation – Today in History – February 28th, 1999

Over the course of gaming, we have seen a ton of scrolling shooters come and go.  The genre that started with the likes of Defender and Space Invaders evolved all the way up to visually impressive titles such as Ikaruga and the various bullet hell games.  One series that has held its own over the years, even against much more visually striking competition, is the R-Type series.  The only other series that can probably hold a candle to R-Type would be the Darius games by Taito.  R-Types was a late release for the original Playstation console, hitting in 1999.  This didn’t matter because the contents of that CD-ROM are timeless.

Gamers that knew the name, R-Type, were probably a little confused over that “s” at the end as they were carrying R-Types to the register.  People that did not know about R-Type probably didn’t bother with this release- for shame as you missed out on a great compilation, to say the least.

R-Types features R-Type 1 and 2 (or I and II however you prefer them called).  These are near arcade perfect ports of those titles.  R-Type has graced many platforms over the years from the Commodore 64 to the Nintendo NES and Super Nintendo and even the Sega Master System.  R-Type II is another story, that game has seen quite a few less ports to consoles and portables.  Those that have been made for R-Type II feature heavy editing of not only level layouts but completely cutting some levels out of the port all together.  That could possibly mean the first home port of R-Type II is right here on this compilation- at least first FULL home port.

If you find yourself firing up your Playstation 3 or Playstation 4 and looking for a challenging side scrolling shooter, there are plenty of indie ones but give this classic a shot too.  It is cheap.  For everyone else, please use this handy Ebay link to purchase a copy for the original Playstation- your purchases help RGM.

Carl Williams

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