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Tiny Toon Adventures Busts Onto Sega Genesis – Today in History – February 7th, 1993

When Sega released Sonic onto the world, it just furthered the notion that every company needed a mascot.  This was particularly true for console manufacturers- there needed to be an exclusive game series that was ONLY on one platform to entice gamers to buy into it.  This was also true for third parties though, especially those that would make versions of character based games unique for each platform.  One of the biggest third parties of the 16-bit era was Konami, bested only maybe by Capcom.  Licensing cartoon characters was a big deal in the 16-bit era also and Konami was not one to let everyone else have all of the fun.  They grabbed Tiny Toon Adventures for the Genesis and released Buster’s Hidden Treasure today in 1993.  Tiny Toon Adventures Buster’s Hidden Treasure is a homage to Sonic the Hedgehog in so many ways that it is not even funny.

The idea behind the Tiny Toon series is that they are younger characters going through school.  The classic characters are all represented with a child based version.  They go on adventures that are all kid friendly (no Elmer Fudd shooting himself or anything like that).  There is a main enemy that is shared with the whole school- Montana Max, who is hell bent on being a bully to the school and the students in general.

Tiny Toon Adventures Buster’s Hidden Treasure is a 2D side scrolling action platform game that has a slight emphasis on speed.  Levels are “familiar” to anyone that has played Sonic the Hedgehog more than once.  Even running at full speed has a similar animation for Buster as Sega had for Sonic.  The big difference is that in Buster’s Hidden Treasure you are looking for Gogo Dodo, which once found will open a portal.  This is at least a big change from Sega’s formula for Sonic where there is a definite, always in the same place, ending to each level.

Tiny Toons Buster’s Hidden Treasure has not been re-released on any newer platforms, probably due to licensing situations with Warner Brothers.  That leaves hitting Ebay for a copy of the game on your Sega Genesis.

Carl Williams

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