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Vanishing Point Burns Rubber in Cars, Trucks and SUVs on Playstation – Today in History – February 5th, 2001

Racing games are a staple of gaming.  We saw them in the early days on the Atari 2600 in Night Driver.  We saw them propel forward in the 8-Bit days with Rad Racer on NES.  16-Bit gave us great titles like Outrun and Super Hang-On while 32-Bit heralded in the age of the “Racer” series by Namco (Ridge, Rage, R4).  Later on in the life of the Playstation Acclaim decided to get in on the racing genre with Vanishing Point (also available on Dreamcast).  While generally the Dreamcast version is accepted as the better version the Playstation version still brings a ton of cars to the fans.  It just doesn’t look as good as Sega’s last console.

While there are a lot of cars to drive, you will have to earn them.  You start with a few and by winning races you can unlock more.  The usual time attack, regular race, etc are all available in Vanishing Point.  It is interesting that trucks and SUVs are included in the selection of vehicles- these are not usually makes and models that are supported in racing games.

Graphically, Vanishing Point is decent.  It has varied locations to race through from valleys to what I imagine the Vegas strip looks like during the day (minus the people on the street).  There are over 10 tracks to race through so strap yourself in and just enjoy the ride.

Long before we saw the release of the Burn Out games and their stunt mode game mode, Vanishing Point offered a similar though less driver hurling idea.  The stunt mode offers short tracks featuring jumps, barrel rolls, balloon collecting and more.  This is interesting to see in a racing game that is trying to be “serious” like Need for Speed yet there is this other side to have a bit of unconventional fun.

Vanishing Point has been released on the original Playstation console (Ebay link) and on the Sega Dreamcast (Ebay link).

Carl Williams

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