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The Avengers Go CGI in Arcade Game Galactic Storm – Today in History – January 31st, 1996

Marvel seems to not be able to do any wrong right now with their franchises, especially the Avengers.  The success they are experiencing with this franchise in movies is unprecedented.  There are the individual films for all of the team members, well minus Black Widow, and then there is the success of the team effort.  Back in 1996 though, it was a slightly different story for Marvel.  Their dominance in the 90’s was mostly in the gaming world while DC dominated the movies with sporadic releases here and there.  As they say though, not all games are created equally and that is true of Avengers in Galactic Storm as your mileage may vary on this one.

Data East are not known for their quality fighting games.  Earlier in the 90’s they had a title called Fighter’s History that irked the ire of Capcom for being a “little too close” to Street Fighter- luckily the courts felt differently.  The success they had off of Fighter’s History must have compelled them to continue their working with Marvel for more games.  Previously, Data East was responsible for a Streets of Rage/Final Fight style brawler called Captain America and the Avengers (poor ports to home consoles appeared shortly after).

Avengers in Galactic Storm hit during the height of the fighting game craze- some would argue it has not yet crested but I believe the genre has.  The big thing around 1996 was to have CGI graphics in your games- from Donkey Kong Country to Killer Instinct and unreleased titles like Lobo.  Avengers in Galactic Storm is no different.  The problems with CGI arise in the gameplay- while things looked cool 20 years ago, the gameplay suffered a bit as things are “stiff” at times.  Another problem with CGI is that everything appears to be made of plastic- you either love this look or hate it.

One on one fighting game fans will probably enjoy checking out this “relic” of the genre.  It is no Rise of the Robots but it is close to the lower tier of the genre.

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Carl Williams

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