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5 More New Sega Genesis Games

It is a proven fact that I am a big fan of the Sega Genesis. It is an amazing console, one that homebrew developers are still making sing with new titles. This is my second “collection” article for the Sega Genesis and the latest in a continuing line of articles of new games for it. I have covered a lot of new Genesis titles- Q*Bert, Handy Harvy, Mega Marble World, Dragon’s Castle and more. I have covered forgotten titles such as ResQ and Hardcore and ports of Super Mario among others. What I am trying to say here is, the Sega Genesis is far from dead- as long as there are programmers making games it will live. Here are five more titles that prove that point.

Gradius II by Nendo16

It is interesting that as we see Konami losing interest in their classic catalog of games, fans are picking up and pushing forward. I recently covered Gradius being ported to the ColecoVision (based on the MSX version) and now I bring news of a Japanese homebrew developer named Nendo16 who is working on porting Gradius II to the Sega Genesis. As our friends at Retrocollect point out, there is no hard evidence on which version of Gradius II that Nendo16 is basing his port on but it looks awesome.

Source: Retromaniac

Counter Strike 2D by PSCD

This is a tough one to get excited about because I don’t read/speak Russian so I was at a loss as to what I was picking in the menus. The idea is decent enough- run around arenas and shoot your opponent. The B button shoots, A rotates left and C rotates right while the D-Pad moves your character around the arena.

Source: PSCD

Tetris by Nightmareci

Tetris is one of those titles that hindsight has proven could have changed the fortunes of Sega and their Genesis prior to Sonic arriving (and competing with Nintendo’s Super Mario World). Nintendo in all of their legal prowess made sure that this did not happen though and we never saw Tetris on the Sega Genesis materialize. There have been a few homebrew versions over the years but this version by Nightmareci captures the computer game better than any other, in my opinion.

Source: forums

Minesweeper by PSCD

I was never a Minesweeper fan but I understand there are a few fans out there. With that in mind, here is a port by our friends over at PSCD for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive. It is pretty faithful from what I can tell.

Source: PSCD

2048 by KanedaFr

While I have covered a few ports of 2048 to classic consoles, it is time to cover the Sega Genesis version. Things are just like you would expect from this puzzle title and the challenge is just as high as it is elsewhere. For fans, this is a must download.

Source: forums

Carl Williams

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2 Responses to “5 More New Sega Genesis Games”

  1. Berto Yulianto says:

    I’ve covered 27 (yup, twenty seven) Genesis/Megadrive games that’s been released in 2015 in Segabits forum ( and I though I’ve covered all.
    But after reading this, turned out I’m still missing two, lol. (Tetris MD and Counter Stike 2D). Thank you for the article, it’s really useful. 🙂

    • Carl Williams says:

      That is amazing that that many Genesis games were released in 2015- I have clearly missed a few. lol Thank you for the link, expect to see some sourcing going on (I would much rather do themed lists for fans rather than general collections whenever possible).

      Love the support the Genesis is getting- fans won’t let it die and that is awesome.

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