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Antraxx Reminds Us of Giant Mech Gaming

Who remembers the good old days of gaming?  No, I am not talking about the golden age which was Atari 2600 on up into the Nintendo Entertainment System era.  I mean the era of 16-Bit where we got to the point where many game companies have never left (Capcom and their fighting games for instance).  There was this really interesting, at least to me as a giant mech fan, game called Battletech for the Sega Genesis.  You could stomp around and blow stuff up from the safety of your mech.  We didn’t really get another giant mech game like that till we saw the release of the real time strategy game, MechCommander on PC.  Antraxx is looking to fix this with a return to a form that I like my giant mechs – action.

Antraxx is planned to be a 2D isometric tile based action game that features extremely detailed pixel art mechs.  Right off the bat, I am interested in Antraxx for the graphics and style shown so far.  Since there are no gameplay videos available yet, all we can really go on is the written information available and the few animated GIFs on their site.  What is there is interesting and reminds me of the classics- when graphics were detailed sprite based affairs full of character.

Antraxx is planned to be playable online with/against your friends and strangers complete with custom maps.  This is interesting to me since I am a giant mech fan, have been since I watched that first episode of Robotech on the Fox affiliate while living in Northern California.  I had already known about Transformers but that was different, mechs allowed normal people to operate them and it was a closer connection for me as I was growing up.  Battletech was a hard as nails game but I still found enjoyment in it.  Hopefully Antraxx will be a hit and we will see more in this series and other publishers taking que and releasing more giant mech games using sprites and pixels.

Head over to to follow development as we head towards the Fall 2016 release.

Carl Williams

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