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Evil Genome New 2.5D Metroidvania Adventure Steam Inbound

Okay, just being a 2.5D Metroidvania style game is not enough to capture the attention of modern gamers.  No, there has to be something more.  Evil Genome is hoping it has what action adventure fans are yearning for as it continues development.  Eventually we will see Evil Genome on Steam and Kickstarter but for now we only have the demo reel that XY Games have released. What a demo reel it is.  A lot of gameplay is shown off and the sprawling levels are showcased early on.  That boss at the end though.  Man, that brought back memories of the better 16/32-Bit games.

You will be controlling a scantily clad red headed woman that is armed with what I can only describe as a lightsaber type weapon.  She also has punches and kicks and somewhere in on her body is a small firearm.  Apparently this character has a dash move, air combos when fighting and a high jump when needed.  That about covers the basics shown in the demo reel.  She does seem a little flighty though- jerk could be a good description- she goes from standing still to a full on run animation immediately causing the screen to jump left and right as she moves.

That last boss.  It takes up a large amount of real estate in the background and interacts with the foreground scenery (such as the vehicles that you can jump on to avoid attack).  It looks a lot like a pissed off Megatron from the Michael Bay Transormers movies, at least in the face.  Watching this boss battle reminds me of that one boss from Dynamite Headdy on the Sega Genesis where you scroll around it and it sits in the middle of the circular “level”.

When we have more on Evil Genome I will update you about it.  For now, it is definitely on my watch list.

Carl Williams

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