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Blap n Bash Brings New Angles to Classic Breakout Game for Commodore 64

The Commodore 64 is the compute that just won’t die.  Fans won’t let it and personally, I am thankful that they won’t.  It is amazing that new games are constantly being released for this computer, over 30 years after it initially launched.  Not crap either like many of the Nintendo Entertainment Homebrew that I don’t cover here on Retro Gaming Magazine either.  Actual honest to goodness interesting games.  Blap n Bash is one such new title that shows a ton of promise but it is not finished yet.  Take Breakout, an arcade classic, and mix in a second paddle, additional enemies similar to UPP! and you have a new interesting take on an old idea.

Okay, coming out for the Commodore 64 you already know that Blap n Bash is not going to have 16-Bit graphics nor an orchestral audio set.  That is fine because C64 games have never been about that stuff.  Games for the Commodore 64 are all about the fun factor and the challenge.  Unfortunately, since Blap n Bash is not finished, I cannot comment on either of those things at this time.

UPP! by Gemintronic was my first exposure to the battle version of Breakout and it was quite interesting.  From that experience with UPP! I have become interested in other, similar, titles.  Judging by how well UPP! sold, our readers like it too.  Physical copies sold out in less than 24 hours but the digital is still available on the website.

Blap n Bash features a paddle on the bottom and top of the screen (missing the ball with either costs a life).  The familiar Breakout blocks are in the middle of the playfield while powerups and enemies float around the screen just being either just out of reach or an annoyance.

I do have one request for the developer- please drop the epileptic inducing flashing of the screen.  That is beyond annoying.

Check out The New Dimension website for the eventual released of Blap n Bash for the Commodore 64.

Carl Williams

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