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Amiga Racer to Remind Commodore Amiga and MorphOS Fans of the 80s

With a name like Amiga Racer, it has to be good, at least on target graphically.  The team at are working on this homage to the classic arcade games, including up to date development videos.  For those of you that remember the greats such as Out Run and Rad Racer, Amiga Racer will feel like stepping back in time to a simpler time. 

Everything is not perfect here, if can’t be considering the style they are going for.  See, back in the 80’s arcade, we didn’t have millions of polygons on the screen at once.  We didn’t have HD resolution screens to show every little blemish in the scenery.  No, we had crappy step scaling, blocky graphics and it was clear this was a game- grandma wasn’t going to be fooled into thinking she was seeing a television broadcast by any means.

Amiga Racer certainly updates the formula just enough to give retro fans the feel goods in the right places.  The update video that I looked at shows the recently added checkpoints, furthering the connection to Rad Racer and Out Run.  Hills are obviously done better in Amiga Racer than what we got back in the day but that is fine.  Improvements have to happen for this to be a homage, right?

Graphically Amiga Racer is quite impressive.  The draw distance is very far into the distance allowing you to see a lot more of the upcoming road.  Objects on the side of the road have that 80’s arcade look to them, they just scale better in Amiga Racer than they did back in our day.  This is especially true for the home ports of arcade racers.

Only what needed updating in Amiga Racer has been given the update treatment.  That is mainly the cars, though there is not a lot of variety at the moment- hopefully that will improve in the future.  It has just been announced that this new racer is coming to MorpOS also.

For now, hit the site for up to the minute information on Amiga Racer.

Carl Williams

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