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Codemasters 30 Games On 1 CD

26 years ago, budget priced, computer games software house, Codemasters of the United Kingdom, launched a hardware item that was was going to revolutionize 8bit computer gaming on the Amstrad CPC, Spectrum and C64 computers forever….

It was called the 30 games on one CD pack. This new technology of playing 8bit computer games on CD was BIG BIG BIG news at the time.

Amstrad CPC gaming magazine, Amstrad Action#52, January 1990, made sure that the Amstrad readers knew all they needed to know on this incredible new innovation, that was destined to be the “Dawn of a new age, as computing leaps into the 1990s with CD breakthrough”.

It appeared on the front cover of the magazine with artwork as the main news story of the month.

It had a 3 page in depth article with Codemasters Director, David Darling, a one page tech article from Adam Waring and Codemasters placed a double page ad in the magazine.

The technology was so simple, just a lead connecting your Amstrad CPC, Spectrum or C64 computer to any ordinary CD player.

At the time it was a mind blowing development in 8bit computer gaming.

Due to the extra storage and speed advantages a CD had over existing tape and disk games, all sorts of amazing statements where being made about the possibilities of where 8bit computer games were heading.

Claims such as full screen graphics, huge animated sprites, extra levels, digitized music and movie styled video were going to be the norm.

So what happened ?  What’s the story behind the story ?

I reveal all next week, with an in depth behind the scenes, exclusive, interview with Philip Oliver, who worked on the 1989 / 1990 Codemasters 30 Games on 1 CD project.Amstrad_Action_52_Oliver_Twins_retro_retrogaming_page1 Amstrad_Action_52_Oliver_Twins_retro_retrogaming_page2 Amstrad_Action_52_Oliver_Twins_retro_retrogaming_page4 Amstrad_Action_52_Oliver_Twins_retro_retrogaming_page5 Amstrad_Action_52_Oliver_Twins_retro_retrogaming_page6 Amstrad_Action_52_Oliver_Twins_retro_retrogaming_page7

Next week we will release a special interview that will probably change your opinion of the retrogaming scene and make you wonder, what could have been.  Stay tuned.

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